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Fractalytic v0.63.5 (formerly Chaos)

Fractalytic v0.62.3 screen shot
Chaos Fractal Information screen
Mandelbrot set showing comparison between shading styles
Mandelbrot set showing comparison between iteration levels

Updated September 2014

I have had an interest in Chaos and Fractals ever since reading James Gleick's Chaos while at college in 1989. The subject has moved me to create simple Fractal Generation programs in almost every language that I have owned and fractalyticimages Basic is no exception. This is the most comprehensive Fractal program that I have created as it brings together several different types of Fractals and includes brief notes on each.

This started as a port of version 0.58.5 from Blitz Basic but now includes several new fractal types and elements such as resizable windows, more save file types, better graphical user interface and increased colour options.

I still have lots of work to do on this but it already has many features - around twenty different Fractal types (including Mandelbrot set, Julia set, Newton-Raphson approximation, fractal ferns, koch curve, sierpinski gasket, dragon curve, quilts, symmetric fractals, Buddhabrot set, Burning Ship, Mandelbar, Diffusion Limited Aggregation), zoom using the mouse, save function, changeable iteration levels, options for most fractal types, information and help.

Information & Download

First release: 20/03/11 (v0.60.0)

Last Updated: 22/09/14 (v0.63.5 Newton-Raphson method new function, Mandelbrot fixes)

Download: (504kb)

To see the version history click here: fractalytic version history

For some technical details click here: fractalytic technical details

For more information about some of the Fractals displayed click here: (coming soon)

Buddhabrot set
The Anti-Buddhabrot set
Examples of Anti-Aliasing

Mandelbrot Beetle Mandelbrot Beetle The Burning Ship The Burning Ship Mandelbar 3rd Power Mandelbar 3rd Power
Buddhabar 4th Power Mandelbar Burning Ship 14th Power The Chaos Game Diffusion Limited Aggregation The Dragon Curve Buddhabrot set
Newton Raphson Method 9th Power Fractal Fern New Colouring Levy C Curve using Fractal Fern colouring Lorenz Strange Attractor Fractal Fern Anti-Alias Newton-Raphson Iteration/Root colouring
Mandelbrot colour schemes Newton-Raphson new function f(x) = x^n - x^(n-1) - 1

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