Fractalytic Software

Fractalytic v0.63.5

Fractal generation software with 20 different fractal types

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Information about my published programs written using several languages including C++, Visual Basic, Blitz Basic, Processing, Python and more. Some source code is available and additional resources.

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A full list of all downloadable programs from the site by coding language and size of download. Mostly zip files of executibles compatible with Windows computers but does include some source code.

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What's New

The latest updates to the site and includes a full site update history for and former site

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Update to index page and several other pages using Bootstrap. More to follow soon!

After discovering Bootstrap I'm making some changes to the site to use a mixture of the jumbotron and carousel templates. The rest of the site will follow when I can find some time to do some web coding!

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New Python code to be added. Watch this space!

I've been learning the basics of Python recently and have put a few really simple pieces of code together so will get them onto the site as soon as possible.

Python code

About page and Photographs may make a comeback. To be decided!

My former site ( used to include more than just programming...I'm considering whether to bring back some of the photography pages or if I should keep this site as coding only. So much to do and so little time to devote to it!

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