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I use R occasionally for work and have also downloaded it at home. The great thing about R is that it is open-source software and so is completely free and has many, many packages that can be downloaded. It is mainly used for data science techniques rather than for creating stand-alone programs but one of the packages (r shiny) is dedicated to making web apps.

My first public release is a very simple mapping app using r shiny and leaflet to display publically available earthquake data but hopefully I'll get the chance to create more work soon.

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Simple Earthquake Mapping App

Simple Earthquake Mapping Tool screenshot 1
Simple Earthquake Mapping Tool screenshot 1

New release July 2017

This is a (very) simple Mapping App for publically available earthquake data using R Shiny and Leaflet.

This is a complete app but doesn't really do much over the standard features of leaflet/shiny so I intend to spend some time improving this and making a more advanced version with better options and drawing features.

Information & Download

First release: 22/07/17 (v1.00)

Last Updated: no further updates yet

Link: Simple Earthquake Mapping App (not downloadable but hosted on the site)

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