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The Chaos Game

Chaos Game Spreadsheet Screenshot
Chaos Game Spreadsheet Screenshot

Updated June 2017

The Chaos Game is a method of constructing a fractal using a set of fixed points (vertices) and then randomly plotting points on the screen based on a pre-defined distance, the previous point plotted and one of the vertices.

It is quick to generate the fractals using this random method although the more points plotted the better the final result can be seen.

A version of the Chaos Game is contained in the Fratalytic program (see the Fractalytic page) but it is also simple enough to create in other ways, here is an quick Excel 2010 spreadsheet that demonstrates the process using randomly determined vertices and displays the results on scatter plots. It's made using using the standard Excel formulae (no VBA in this one) but could possibly be improved upon by including a better front end and options for clearing and reseting using VBA.

Information & Download

First release: 24/09/12

Last Updated: 07/06/17 (update to website links)

Download:ChaosGame.xslx (931kb)

The images to the right are from the Fractalytic version, the images above are from the Excel spreadsheet

Chaos Game screenshot from Fractalytic program
Chaos Game screenshot from Fractalytic program

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