My History Using Processing

I signed up for a Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps course on Cousera which was taught exclusively using the Processing language. The course was split into three sections and each one had a project that had to be completed using the language. Each of these had to be submitted in the form of a video uploaded to a personal Vimeo site.  

The language is free and open source and is primarily designed as a first language so is comparable to BASIC or Logo. It is geared towards creating visual and audio based programs and each program written is called a sketch. This page is going to start by being used as a showcase for my work for the course but I will expand and show other work as and when I get the time.

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Please ask if you wish to use anything for your own projects or if you have any questions about anything featured (Contact Me link in menu bar at top of page). Thank you.


Sonic Painter v1.0.0

This was the first project in the Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps course and is an simple edit of a processing sketch that was presented in the course. It's a program that allows a user to draw on a canvas using different brushes that fade out as new drawing occurs and it also plays sounds as the user interacts.

First release: 04/07/14 (v1.0.0)

Last Updated: never updated

Download size: currently only available as video on the Vimeo site

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Video published July 2014

This is a complete program and the video highlights the additions that I made to the bare bones sketch provided by the course tutors.

Given more time this could have been expanded further but the additions that I have made include a very basic toolbar, easy access to the different brushes, toggle buttons for graphic fading and sound, a clear button and some fireworks all of which are over and above the original sketch. If you are currently completing the same course feel free to use this as inspiration but please do not just steal the code from the video and pass it off as your own.

Sonic Painter screenshot 1

Sonic Painter screenshot 1

Sonic Painter screenshot 2

Sonic Painter screenshot 2

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